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Commonly Asked Questions

Before you call, we recommend checking our FAQ Page or seeing if your question is answered here.

How do I get a MSO (Manufacturer Statement of Origin?)

Your Manufacturer Statement of Origin comes with your boat’s original packaging. If it is missing, please download a new one here.

Where can I find the users manual for my product?

All user manuals for all models of Future Beach boats can be found on our owner manuals page.

How do I order replacement parts for broken or missing parts?

Please fill out the form to the right for warranty replacement parts.

Where can I buy a kayak/boat?

Find a Dealer to purchase a boat locally. To purchase online, view product for the specific boat.

Where can I buy accessories for my kayak/boat?

Please refer to our Future Beach Accessories Page for purchasing replacement parts.

Do I need to register my boat with my state?

Most states require that you register your boat if it has a motor or will be used with a motor. Also, several states require you to register the boat if it exceeds a certain length. To determine the registration requirements, please check with your state licensing bureau. This varies from state to state, but is often the Secretary of State, Department of Natural Resources or the Department of Motor Vehicles. Please make sure if your state does require you to register your boat, that you complete the Manufacture’s Statement of Origin (MSO) in entirety along with bringing a proof of purchase.

Warranty Requests/Replacement Parts

Please refer to our Warranty Statement and make sure that you have completed your Warranty Registration before contacting support and submitting the form.

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