Trophy™ 126 (10’6”)

Well equipped sit-in kayak for all fishing enthusiasts that want to spend full days or week-end on the water.

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Well equipped sit-in kayak for all fishing enthusiasts that want to spend full days or week-end on the water.

- World class fishing kayak
- Dihedral hull for the ultimate stability and tracking
- 2 Flush mount rod holders
- Integrated tackle box
- Adjustable back rest and seat cushion
- Adjustable Step Lock foot rest system
- Molded-in cup holder
- 10" x 18" stern and 8" x 14" bow elliptical hatch
- Bow and stern carry handles
- Integrated drain plugs
- Rotomolded



Tandem or Single? Single
Length 126 in - 320 cm
Width 29.5 in - 75 cm
Height 14.25 in - 36 cm
Capacity 300 lbs - 136 kg
Weight 46 lbs - 20.9 kg
Cockpit 18.5 in x 37 in - 47 cm x 94 cm


Customer Reviews (25)

Straight TrackerReview by Holly
This is my 4th and favorite kayak. It's stable, tracks straight and is easy to turn. Great storage, comfy seat, and I like the look of it. (Posted on 9/13/2017)
Really enjoy...Review by PC
Had two full summers now and couldn't be happier with this 'yak. Glides effortlessly through the water as it tracks a straight course. Family and friends who have tried it are amazed at how easy it is to paddle and turn on a dime. I am a big guy at 6' and 260 lbs, no trouble getting in or out.
I have added: Ocean Kayak Comfort Plus seat, Safety flag and pole, Scotty fishing holder, compass, Perimeter deck lines, Paddle float , anchor trolley, and anchor.
Really functions well as boat a fishing kayak and a recreational paddling for fun and exercise kayak. (Posted on 9/5/2017)
Love itReview by Bear
I bought my first kayak future beach trophy 126 it is so stable and tracks beautiful I'm 6 ft 2 285 lbs just wish it had more knee room when I get in and out I was skimming my shins learned real fast how to get rid of that problem I put an elbow pad on it also love location of drain plug works perfect other than that I love it going to get my wife one (Posted on 8/27/2017)
Great KayakReview by MedicMan
This is my first kayak, and I cant be happier. Easy to carry, tons of storage, and i love the built in tray right in front of you. Im 6'3" 270 lbs, and this thing moves through the water with ease. Only complaints are that i am kind of tall, and my legs hit the tray a little bit. and the seat could use a little more padding. I plan to add a fish finder, 2 more rod holders for trolling (in front of the boater), and probably a better seat. (Posted on 8/9/2017)
Future Beach 126Review by D-Rock
I borrowed my buddy's Trophy 126 for a weekend at a State Park and in 10 minutes I knew a had to have one. Extremely stable, I hadn't been in a kayak for 25 years prior to borrowing this one, wow, was I impressed. I bought one two weeks later. I timed it just right and got yak, new onyx pfd, and paddle for $413 out the door, that's $80 cheaper than a week prior when I priced it at my local Dick's. Huge storage for down river over nights stays, and light enough to have easy load / unload anywhere. Made by our friends up north in CANADA not CHINA! This is the yak you want! P.s. Dick's also sells eno hammocks and you can easily fit a complete hammock sleep system in the storage of this yak for weekend yak/ camping adventures! A+ product! (Posted on 8/9/2017)
Quality Review by Yankee
A friend gave me this canoe because he wad too big fir it said it was unstable. I had a blast in it. Very stable even took it down a drop off. Very comfortable and maneuverable. Best part was it was free and only 2 times (Posted on 7/10/2017)
Great KayakReview by AMC
Really great kayak, good quality and very stable. A bit difficult to turn if you're used to a smaller one, but overall a really great boat. (Posted on 7/5/2017)
Love this kakayke Review by Warner
Very stable and comfortable Kakayke and great for fishing. (Posted on 7/1/2017)
Just bought this kayak and took it for the 1st lauch. Loved it and went all over the lake and no tipping. I will use it to fly fish once I get the hang of it. Review by STEVE
Love it. Just got it and went all over the lake and no tipping. Tracks great and smooth going. I plan to fly fish with it when I totally get the hang of it. (Posted on 6/28/2017)
Excellent for everybodyReview by TDK
Bought 2 one for me the other for my 10 year old . Stable and move great thru the water . My gets around like a pro in it. (Posted on 5/28/2017)
Excellent first kayak.Review by Nicole
I've had this kayak for a few years now and recommend it to everyone who's looking to buy one! (Posted on 3/7/2017)
Great!Review by Radar
I love this kayak. I am a non-swimmer, spent 26+ years on active duty in the Army so I am used to pushing my luck physically. I am 6 feet even, about 225 pounds and my first trip was planned for 30 minutes due to how rough the water was. I was out of about 1 hour. . There were winds and whitecaps. . . and. . . this was my first time. Not planning to fish from it, but will use the storage for some overnight camping - anyone in the Fort Drum area like to join me? One small take-away: the bow cap had a small hole in it, most likely from shipping. Would I buy another one? Yes!. Would I recommend it to others? Yes! Am I happy with my purchase? Yes! (Posted on 7/10/2016)
Very pleasedReview by P J
Best kayak for fishing or just a relaxing trip downstream sight seeing very stable (Posted on 6/5/2016)
Great kayak for anyone Review by KYBASSSLAYER
I have recently gotten this kayak i have had it out a half dozen times the longest trip being a bout 6 hours it was very comfortable very stable a pretty quick it tracks great and has enough room for all of my gear i plan to make a couple of mods such as fish finder paddle holder dock cleats and a third pole holder. But as a stock kayak it is great would recommend to anyone (Posted on 6/2/2016)
Easy to Paddle. Super Stable.Review by Lady Redfish
This is my 1st kayak and I have thoroughly enjoyed fishing from it for a year. It's so stable that I fought 1 Red Drum to the point of breaking 6" off the end of my rod as I was leaning left with a net trying to land the fish. After I got the fish in the kayak it occurred to me that I never gave one thought to my balance or stability. Also, as a mid 50's lady, I have easily out paddled my husband and guy co-workers. I find this kayak very easy to paddle and maneuver. Tracks well and goes in very shallow water. Lightweight enough for me to load and launch alone. (Posted on 5/10/2016)
Great for riversReview by Jay
i bought this kayak a few months ago and have used it a lot! It is great for people who not only want to fish out of it but can also use it for recreation, i have taken it on a few river excursions and the room in the back is amazing for storage, it tracks great and is easy to turn. i am very happy with this product! (Posted on 9/7/2015)
Fits perfect in the back of my Porsche!Review by Boris Wartenbe
This Future Beach 126 kayak has changed my world. Its big enough for a six foot tall person to be comfortable, and small enough to throw in the back of my car on a whim.

Night kayaking is the best. I don't worry about running over rocks or scraping over logs in my Future Beach. The body is made of a very very tough material. Water flows under that dihedral hull like a half pipe so she tracks very well. Google the words "Kayak Ride Knoxville" and you can come along.

If you want to make kayaking in your Future Beach 126 more enjoyable, I do have one final recommendation: BRING A PILLOW!

(Posted on 8/29/2015)
Stable & straight trackerReview by Larry
After borrowing a Trophy 126 for a week I knew I had to buy one. It tracks and glides well.
It requires a little more effort to get going but, since I bought it to get excersize, that is not a problem. I'm 6'1" 235 # and the trophy is very stable and still rides high enough above the water. I'm very pleased with my purchase. (Posted on 8/7/2015)
good yakReview by NHfisher
sturdy, steers straight. rod holders are easily accesible as well as the storage. great for fishing. (Posted on 8/1/2015)
Very stable!!Review by Tdog
Took it out the other day for almost 3 hours, enjoyed how stable this kayak was ( I can't swim) easy to fish from and tracks very well. The one and only complaint would be the seat, it was rough on my back toward the end of my trip, one with a higher back is a definite if your gonna be out more than an hour (Posted on 7/29/2015)

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Q & A

Q1: Can I buy a spray skirt for my Kayak? If so, where?

A1: Only sit-in kayaks can accept spray skirts, but not all of them do. It all depends on the size of the cockpit and the shape of the lip. Some cockpit dimensions are shown on the product detail page. If you don’t see your cockpit dimensions, you can use a tape measure and check the width and length of your cockpit including the lip. To purchase spray skirts, please visit

Q2: Regarding the «weight capacity» to a specific kayak, is there a general rule that applies whether it should suit me or not?

A2: The weight capacity stated on the kayak documentation represent the maximum weight the kayak can hold to be fully usable. For a more comfortable ride, always look for a kayak that has a weight capacity approximately 30 to 40lbs above your actual weight. It’s even more important for sit-on top kayaks as the closer you are to the weight limit, the deeper will the line of floatation be, resulting in more water coming into the kayak from the scupper holes.

Q3: Where do I find the Serial/Warranty #?

A3: Your kayak’s serial number is located behind the seat or on the rear left hand side (when looking at your kayak from the front). Please use this number in order to register your kayak on the Registration section of our website.

Q4: What is the best way to store my kayak?

A4: The ideal way to store a kayak is to sit it on a flat surface. If your kayak remains outdoors, you should keep it covered and out of direct sunlight. Do not leave any straps tightly clinched around your kayak for long periods, especially in warm weather. This could distort the shape of the kayak. For an easy storage and access to your kayak, we recommend to take a look at the different options in the Accessories section of our website.

Q5: I would like to put a rudder system on my kayak, is it possible?

A5: None of our kayaks comes with a rudder system. Even if there are third party rudder system available on the market, we do not recommend the use of any specific one. The installation of a rudder system is done at your own risk. Please note that any permanent alteration of your kayak hull will result in the cancellation of the warranty.

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