Maverick™ 168T (14')

The ultimate experience for tandem paddlers! Lots of storage, comfortable molded seats with our signature multi channel hull for ultimate stability.

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The ultimate experience for tandem paddlers! Lots of storage, comfortable molded seats with our signature multi channel hull for ultimate stability.

- Tandem (sits 2 paddlers)
- Multi channel hull for ultimate tracking and stability
- Adjustable seat back and comfortable molded seats
- Adjustable Step Lock footrest system
- 10" rear storage hatch
- Coaming pads
- Front and rear bungees
- Paddle holders (2)
- Bow and stern carry handles
- Integrated drain plugs
- Rotomolded



Tandem or Single? Tandem
Length 168 in - 427 cm
Width 32 in - 81 cm
Height 12.75 in - 32 cm
Capacity 550 lbs - 249 kg
Weight 70 lbs - 32 kg


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Q & A

Q1: Can I buy a spray skirt for my Kayak? If so, where?

A1: Only sit-in kayaks can accept spray skirts, but not all of them do. It all depends on the size of the cockpit and the shape of the lip. Some cockpit dimensions are shown on the product detail page. If you don’t see your cockpit dimensions, you can use a tape measure and check the width and length of your cockpit including the lip. To purchase spray skirts, please visit

Q2: Regarding the «weight capacity» to a specific kayak, is there a general rule that applies whether it should suit me or not?

A2: The weight capacity stated on the kayak documentation represent the maximum weight the kayak can hold to be fully usable. For a more comfortable ride, always look for a kayak that has a weight capacity approximately 30 to 40lbs above your actual weight. It’s even more important for sit-on top kayaks as the closer you are to the weight limit, the deeper will the line of floatation be, resulting in more water coming into the kayak from the scupper holes.

Q3: Where do I find the Serial/Warranty #?

A3: Your kayak’s serial number is located behind the seat or on the rear left hand side (when looking at your kayak from the front). Please use this number in order to register your kayak on the Registration section of our website.

Q4: What is the best way to store my kayak?

A4: The ideal way to store a kayak is to sit it on a flat surface. If your kayak remains outdoors, you should keep it covered and out of direct sunlight. Do not leave any straps tightly clinched around your kayak for long periods, especially in warm weather. This could distort the shape of the kayak. For an easy storage and access to your kayak, we recommend to take a look at the different options in the Accessories section of our website.

Q5: I would like to put a rudder system on my kayak, is it possible?

A5: None of our kayaks comes with a rudder system. Even if there are third party rudder system available on the market, we do not recommend the use of any specific one. The installation of a rudder system is done at your own risk. Please note that any permanent alteration of your kayak hull will result in the cancellation of the warranty.