Water Fun

  • Barracuda BK 100

    Barracuda BK 100

    Tour the shoreline and rediscover the pleasure of cycling... on the water. Self-Cleaning, water lubricated bearings provide smooth, maintenance free pedaling, and the folding propeller reduces resistance providing a smooth gliding action. The uni-molded hull is salt water ready.
  • CK™ 100

    CK™ 100

    Excellent for beginners or expert paddlers, the CK™ 100 is an attractive, rugged and ergonomically designed kayak with graduated foot braces to accommodate people of all sizes. Our unique catamaran hull provides superior stability and hydrodynamics, outperforming round bottom kayaks with exceptional tracking and efficient glide. Fitted with one 6’’ diameter storage hatch.
  • CK™ 200

    CK™ 200

    The CK™ 200 tandem kayak is sure to double your fun on the water. Our super-stable catamaran hull outperforms round bottom kayaks. This feature-rich kayak has two watertight storage hatches, bungees, and molded-in seats with removable backrests. The innovative design and incredible features of the CK™ 200 are sure to make it the tandem of choice.
  • Water Hammock™  WF250

    Water Hammock™ WF250

    Enjoy the comfort of your hammock as you sunbathe, while being protected from undesirable elements in the water. The Water Hammock™ can accommodate up to 4 adults at once.
  • Turbo Paddler® Tp 2000

    Turbo Paddler® Tp 2000

    Continuing in the Future Beach tradition of innovation and excitement, the Turbo Paddler® offers a new and exciting way for kids to enjoy water fun. The Turbo Paddler® is a high quality paddleboat designed for children 3 years old and up. Kids simply crank the handles to turn the paddle wheels and off they go…forward…backward…or 360 degrees around. The Turbo Paddler® has a 70 pound capacity and a double pontoon / catamaran hull that makes it extremely stable and virtually unsinkable. The Turbo Paddler® is made from our proprietary HDPE material, it resists the sun and pool chemicals. It’s always ready for a day at the beach or the pool.
  • SP-0810

    Swim Platform - SP-0810

    Super Fun for the whole family!Non Slip Surface8’ x 10’ SizeHolds up to 1500 lbs100% Weatherproof Polyethylene Construction Includes 2 Adjustable Seat backs & Aluminum LadderBuilt-in Tie-Downs for Anchoring