• Q: Where do I go to replace a part that is under warranty?

    A: Please go to Warranty parts section of this website by clicking the so called link in the header.  Find the matching part and send the replacement request along with a proof of purchase.  No parts will be replaced under the warranty without a proof of purchase.

  • Q: Where do I go to replace a broken or damaged part on my kayak?

    A: Please go to the Replacement part of this website by clicking on the so called link in the header. Find the part you want to replace and order it online.  All replacement part request must be ordered through the website, we do not accept orders over the phone, by fax or in any other form.

  • Q: How do I replace a part on my kayak?

    A: Here are the different situation you will face in replacing your kayak parts:

    • Parts affixed by screws: Use a Philips screw driver to remove and replace the part.
    • Parts affixed by pop-rivets: Remove the rivet using a 13/64’’ drill bit and a pop-rivet gun and new rivet to install the new part.
    • Replacement seat cushion: Remove the old plastic rivet manually.  Position the new seat cushion and install the new plastic rivet by hand or with a small rubber mallet.

    Please be careful not to damage the hull or any other part while replacing your parts.  If you don’t feel comfortable to do these replacement yourself, please ask the help of a professional from the nearest paddle sport repair shop.


  • Q: How do I repair a crack, a hole or a bulkhead on my kayak?

    A: In the unlikely event you sustain a major crack or hole in your hull, we suggest that you visit a local paddle sport repair shop for expert repair.  For minor repairs, we suggest the following:

    • For minor cracks and/or holes we suggest visiting http://geminimaterials.com where you can learn about and purchase easy-to-use patches.
    • For small holes repair, leaks and resealing your bulkhead, please purchase our Kop-R-Lastic (K2-0503-X-06) repair kit or any thermoplastic sealant from your nearest paddle sport shop or hardware store.
  • Q: Can I add accessories to my kayak?

    A: There are many useful and practical accessories available in the market.   There are some accessories on this website under the product page or you can contact your nearest paddle sport shop to see what they have to offer.  Please not that any damage caused by an accessory or its installation is not covered by the warranty.  Installation of third party accessory may void your warranty even if installed correctly. 

  • Q: What are the scupper plugs and scupper holes for?

    A: Scupper holes are meant to drain the water out of a sit-on top kayak.  Scupper plugs are meant to seal those holes to avoid water to come through the holes when paddling.  It is possible to ride a kayak without the scupper plugs as long as passenger weight allows the kayak to stay over the water line.  

  • Q: What is the weight capacity of my kayak?

    A: You will find the weight capacity of your kayak in the product page.  Choose the model you own and look into the specifications of the boat.  You will also find the dimensions and weight of your kayak.

  • Q: Can I buy a spray skirt for my Kayak?

    A: Only sit-in kayaks can accept spray skirts but not all of them do.  It all depends on the size of the cockpit and the shape of the lip.  Some cockpit dimensions are shown on the product detail page if you don’t see your cockpit dimensions you can use a tape measure and check the width and length of your cockpit including the lip.  Cockpit that are larger than xx inches wide or xx inches long don’t accept skirts.

  • Q: Where can I find my serial number?

    A: Serial number are on a small rectangular metal plate and can be at one of these three position on your kayak:

    • Right behind the seat back
    • On the side wall of the rear well
    • Right next to the rear hatch
  • Q: Where can I find the Manufacturer Declaration of Origin (MDO)?

    A: Your MDO can be found in the last pages of your user manual or online on the contact page in the red square on the right part of the page.

  • Q: Can I use my kayak in the ocean or in rapids?

    A: Your kayak is not design for rapids or white water. It’s designed to be used in calm water under stable weather conditions or into the ocean.  Remember to always wear an approved life-jacket or floatation device every time you go on the water with your kayak.