• Xxplorer™ 15.5(15’6’’)

    Xxplorer™ 15.5(15’6’’)

    Future Beach responds to the increasing demands of the canoe enthusiast in the 21st century. Our expert team of designers has shaped a unique and high quality rotomolded canoe constructed from our exclusive three-layer material, which provides superior stiffness and durability. The asymmetrical shallow V-shape hull creates speed, stability, tracking, and unmatched performance. The XXplorer™ 15.5 is ready to take its place as the best overall value in the canoe category.
  • XXCURSION™ 15.5(15’6’’)

    XXCURSION™ 15.5(15’6’’)

    Future Beach has designed the XXcursion™ 15.5 – a revolutionary canoe that is developing into a category of its own. This true unibody and seamless one piece design sets a new standard of excellence in the industry. Our unique internally molded foam core construction provides stiffness, buoyancy and tremendous safety to this canoe - It’s virtually unsinkable. We complement this technology with all the comfort and convenience your family deserves including two adjustable seatbacks, seat cushions, multiple drink holders and storage compartments.